Reviews : The Outlier : The Unfinished Presidency of Jimmy Carter


"Kai Bird's The Outlier is the epic biography of Jimmy Carter we've all been waiting for.  This is superior history, superbly researched and marvelously written.  It is all here:  Carter's family values, rural religiosity, folksy charm. staggering self-discipline, political acumen, brave and visionary U.S. presidential leadership, intrepid globetrotting for peace, poetic soulfulness and ferocious intellect.  I hope The Outlier stirs a new generation to embrace Carter as a true American giant for the ages.  Comprehensive and highly recommended!" —Douglas Brinkley is the Katherine TsanoffBrown Chair in Humanities and Professor of History at Rice University and author of The Unfinished Presidency:  Jimmy Carter's Journey Beyond the White House.


“This is a richly told tale of the life and times of a man who became one of the most interesting and valuable presidents we’ve ever had—after he left the White House. Kai Bird tells the story with sympathy, intelligence, and a wealth of marvelously organized information at his fingertips.The Outlier is a pleasure to read.” —Vivian Gornick


Kai Birds beautifully written book will take its place alongside other superb one-volume biographies of American presidents. His book will raise readers’ estimates of Jimmy Carter’s term in office. —Robert Dallek 

“It is said that biography is the most challenging of the writing arts. Kai Bird’s brilliant new work on the life and presidency of the elusive but consequential Jimmy Carter demonstrates that this gifted writer has more than met the challenge. The depth and detail of his research, his grasp of a  story played out mostly in the complicated culture of South Georgia, and his elegant and nuanced writing combine to make a terrific read, and a literary gem.  He cites the flaws and well as glimpses of greatness at points in Carter's presidency, with emphasis on his early and steadfast commitment to human rights. It’s time that Jimmy Carter gets his due, and Kai Bird’s biography is a giant step in that direction.” —Richard Moe was chief of staff to Vice President Walter Mondale and a member of President Jimmy Carter’s senior staff, 1977-1981. He is the author of Roosevelt’s Second Act - The Election of 1940 and the Politics of War.

“A grand work of revisionist history.  I, for one, will never again be able to look on the Carter presidency as a ‘failed’ one.  Prodigiously researched, gracefully written, The Outlier tells the story of a singular man and a unique presidency at a critical turning point in American and world history.” —David Nasaw is the biographer of Joseph Kennedy, Andrew Carnegie and William Randolph Hearst—and most recently the author of The Last Million: Europe’s Displaced Persons from World War to Cold War.

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